Value Creation

Value creation is of the utmost importance to us, second only to capital preservation. From a traditional financial standpoint, value is created when a business earns a return on capital that exceeds its cost of capital. Rather than a traditional financial method, Fikula Capital Management has adopted a broader definition of value creation that focuses on long-term competitiveness and growth.


Fikula has chosen to build long-lasting growth through intangible assets such as innovation, customer relations, management capabilities, employee relations, and brand value. A corporate strategy at consolidated portfolio level designed to meet the constraints of our Founding Principles and to be faithful to the tenets of our Investment Philosophy will help us exploit the skills, systems, and processes necessary to deploy human and financial capital toward the enhancement of the targeted intangible assets.



Our value creation strategy relies on four main steps: Business Establishment, Brand Building, Development and Enhancement, and eventually the Exit.  

Brand Building

Business Establishment and Brand Building.


Development & Enhancement and Exit


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.