Brand Building

Business Establishment


We mean to create new portfolio companies from scratch in view of taking advantage of the opportunities selected in our model portfolio.


As a matter of principle, we seek to secure a majority holding in the portfolio companies of our Core Investment Portfolio in order, firstly, to make sure that our long-term vision prevails when the major strategic orientations are put in place and, secondly, to be sure that our long-term strategic vision is prioritised every time that an important decision has to be made in the course of the multi-year strategy execution.


We aim to achieve reasonable margins and profitability through organic growth. We believe that active involvement, introduction of new brands, expansion of footprints, targeted capital expenditure, patience, and hard work will eventually lead our portfolio companies to success.


Brand Building


Our brand building process is designed from a customer perspective and is an important part of our customer value proposition. It helps our portfolio companies establish long-term relationships with their targeted customers.


We seek to use marketing, advertising, sales, and public relations as channels to communicate the qualities and benefits that will make our brands unique. Our brand messages will be opportunities to connect with our target niche audiences and reinforce the identities of our brands.



We intend to communicate with consistency over a long period of time as our vision is to be a long-term investor with a holding period that averages 10 to 15 years.


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.