Development & Enhancement


We aim to develop our individual businesses and build their brand values in pursuance of both the conceptual choices and the objectives underlying our corporate strategy at consolidated portfolio level.   


Fikula aims to create sustainable value through internal processes that produce and deliver our value proposition for customers. Those internal processes are also meant to contribute to optimise productivity at consolidated portfolio level by improving processes and reducing costs. In our conceptual model, we have grouped those internal processes in four clusters: operations management processes, customer management processes, innovation processes, and “Partnership-Based Adherence” processes.


As provided in our conceptual model, we aim to rely on our Advisory and Operations Company to reach operational excellence at consolidated portfolio level.


Alignment of brand values and other targeted intangible assets with strategy at consolidated portfolio level is paramount to Fikula. Targeted intangible assets build upon the capabilities created in other intangible and tangible assets in such a way that integration supports the enhancement of all the consolidated portfolio’s intangible assets. 




In our base case scenario, it is assumed that our entire Core Investment Portfolio will be sold after 10 to 15 years when our individual portfolio companies meet several of the following criteria:


ü Revenue between €5.0 million and €30.0 million


ü Cash flow between €500,000 and €3.0 million


ü Quality brand name


ü Experienced management team



ü Leadership position in a niche market


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.