Investment Process

Our investment process outlines the sequence of actions involved in creating our portfolio of assets. It emphasises the pathway to be followed for our investment strategy to be successful and faithful to the beliefs and principles of our Investment Philosophy.


As a research-based and analytically-driven private equity firm, our investment process is the result of a research and analysis conducted on the subjects of risk diversification and uncertainty. Conclusions drawn from academic research and financial science have allowed us to generate innovative ideas on how to design a portfolio of companies, structure capital investments, and meet the needs and expectations of a targeted Reference Portfolio.



We aim to create and exit our Core Investment Portfolio in eight main steps:

Portfolio Design

Step 1: Portfolio Design

Opportunity Assessment and Agreements

Step 2: Opportunity Assessment and Step 3: Agreements with Prime Partners.

Company Establishment

Step 4: Hire a Management Team and Step 5: Company Formation.

Development and Exit

Step 6: Company Development Plan; Step 7: Systematic Portfolio Construction Process; and Step 8: Performance Assessment.


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.