Opportunity Assessment and Agreements

Step 2: Opportunity Assessment


Every individual investment opportunity identified in the first step of our investment process is essentially an investment thesis to be submitted to a rigorous evaluation method.


We mean to thoroughly determine whether or not the idea can be exploited and if our investment strategy can be successfully applied given the specificities of the targeted market, the likelihood of reaching agreements with Prime Partners, and the availability of the necessary management capabilities, skills and other resources.  


Step 3: Agreements with Prime Partners


We seek to close long-term agreements with Prime Partners who will advise us, serve on boards, act as intermediaries, and coach our people.


A Prime Partner is someone who has a long and concrete experience in a sector or a field. It is someone who is passionate, with entrepreneurial drive and a long-term focus. It is someone who is willing to align their interest with ours.


As a private equity firm specializing in small businesses, we seek to deal with small business owners or founders, proven serial entrepreneurs, experienced employees looking to set up a business, and even young people from family businesses with a long tradition.



At this stage of our investment process, we aim to find Prime Partners, make reasonable amendments to our investment idea, and reach an agreement on a common business plan for a mutually beneficial development of a portfolio company, in accordance with our Partnership-Based Adherence principle.


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.