Development and Exit

Step 6: Company Development Plan


We seek to work collaboratively with Prime Partners, management teams and diverse stakeholders to execute the portfolio company’s development plan.


Step 7: Systematic Portfolio Construction Process


We mean to build our Core Investment Portfolio from a global standpoint in anticipation of the exit. We also mean to monitor the main objective of structural decorrelation along with other objectives such as the preservation of capital and the size of the portfolio.


Through periodical evaluations of our investee companies and other control mechanisms, we could be led to withdraw our support to a portfolio company and terminate the relationship if the company misses key milestones or no longer suits our main objectives. 


We seek to preserve the structural simplicity of our Core Investment Portfolio at all times. We shall also periodically test the goodness-of-fit of the data coming from individual investments to the model portfolio.


In exceptional circumstances, we look to acquire or sell portfolio companies for reasons other than brand failure, structural simplicity, or goodness-of-fit.


Step 8: Performance Assessment


We expect a disciplined execution of our investment strategy to lead us to the following results at maturity:


ü Effective structural decorrelation against the Reference Portfolio


ü Full preservation of the capital entrusted to us


ü Actual realisation of the anticipated IRR



ü Profitable sale of the Core Investment Portfolio to a financial institution


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