Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is the set of beliefs and principles that govern our portfolio decision-making process. This is a belief system that fits our strengths and weaknesses and that helps us decide which investments to make. This philosophy guides us through the construction of a consolidated portfolio of assets with the aim of preserving capital and achieving a reasonable return.

With a clear investment philosophy, we are able to keep our focus only on those variables that are within our control as an investor. We feel that discipline and patience are required to follow any investment philosophy over time and make it successful, regardless of the investment strategy implemented. 


Our investment philosophy was defined with the main goal of understanding what could work for us as an investment firm and most importantly what to avoid. We strongly believe that it is the investment philosophy that determines a portfolio’s performance. Ours was dictated by our unique situation and is perfectly suitable for our management style.



Our investment philosophy is built upon five guiding concepts: entrepreneurship, intensive involvement, a target exit portfolio, a diversified portfolio, and positive cash flows.


From Opportunity to its Exploitation; Value Built in the Real Economy; New Brands; Niche Markets; and Competitive Advantage.

Intensive Involvement

Active Investors; Provide the Necessary Skills; Financing; Screening; and Oversight and Monitoring.

Target Exit Portfolio

Exit in the Financial Economy; From Conceptual Choices to Portfolio Management; Integrated Investment Strategy; and Model Portfolio.

Diversified Portfolio

Capital Preservation; Risk Mitigation; and Generation of Returns.

Positive Cash Flows

Enhanced Corporation; Payout Structure; and Non-Cash Activities.


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.