Target Exit Portfolio

 Exit in the Financial Economy


Our master scheme is to sell our entire Core Investment Portfolio to an institutional investor in 10 to 15 years.


Our Core Investment Portfolio is a theoretically-designed portfolio. It is to be constructed with the main goal of offering a structural decorrelation to our Reference Portfolio.


 Our Reference Portfolio is the hypothetical portfolio of a financial institution investing for the long term with a classic approach of allocation by asset class.


From Conceptual Choices to Portfolio Management


We shall build our Core Investment Portfolio in pursuance of the scientifically proven methods, on the one hand, and the conceptual choices inserted in our proprietary “Labyrinthine Path”, on the other hand.


Except for the buy and build opportunities, we shall buy or sell assets over time whenever we shall feel that the transaction has the potential of improving the structural decorrelation against our Reference Portfolio, or of achieving a closer fit to our proprietary “Labyrinthine Path”.


We shall avoid short term investments and liquid assets, as well as those that will challenge the structural simplicity of our Core Investment Portfolio.


Integrated Investment Strategy


We look to actively manage our investments through the “Labyrinthine Path and Daedalean Experience”, our integrated investment strategy.


Our investment strategy is the reflection of the investing rules that we have adopted. Those rules are made of irrefutable financial principles, empirical conclusions available, conclusions drawn from our research and analysis on the subject of uncertainty, and our personal management style.


We mean to implement our investment strategy with discipline and rely upon the “Constant Structure of Permanent Adjustmentto avoid our chosen investing path becoming obsolete or unsuitable.


Model Portfolio



Our “Labyrinthine Path and Daedalean Experience” rests also on a proprietary quantitative model that leverages the advances made in modelling and quantitative finance to lead to results and conclusions derived from solid assumptions. 


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.