The Issue

The research issue consisted of finding a general equilibrium that would include all the controllable parameters, in view of launching a firm operating in the financial sector.




The Founder of Fikula Capital Management finds his fulfilment in questioning and reasoning, in the exploration of new ideas, and in the perpetual search for meaning. He is passionate about figures and feels acutely the weight of his historical responsibility. For the sake of language simplicity, he is under the obligation to place his quest for meaning under the label of philosophy of action. It is that very philosophy that led him to search for a field of action in the financial sector. His conception of the passage of time was decisive in the choice of private equity. 


Business Model


After the choice of private equity, the goal was to design a whole system likely to generate revenues for the organisation and be profitable at the end of a period of time to be set. It is indeed the classical challenge that every business or organisation founder has to take on.


Value Proposition


The design of a business model goes hand in hand with the development of a value proposition. This value proposition must enable the emerging organisation to concentrate on its customers while differentiating from its main competitors. The aim was to ask oneself what could be offered to the clients in order to better the existing offer or to bring relevant answers to their main competitors.


Operational Modelling


The goal was to select activities to be inserted in a portfolio by exploring the paths of Strategic Analysis and Strategic Management. All that with an optimisation objective, taking into account the given material limitations. 


Financial Modelling

This step was about modelling the profitability of the portfolio of activities, hence, the profitability of the investment fund.




Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.