The Issue of Management

The “Labyrinthine Path and Daedalean Experience” is, in the end, an analytical concept that was used to carry out a deep analysis on the subject of uncertainty. The concept eventually gave existence to a management technique called the “Labyrinthine Management of Uncertainty”.


This management technique is the Authors’ proposed solution to a very concrete and pressing issue of management: uncertainty is creating dysfunctional behaviours that eventually have important psychological, social, financial, and economic costs for the organisation.


As they were moving forward in the process prescribed by Epistemology to produce a sound and valid theoretical body and, as they were in the need to offer a practical solution that could be directly used in any organisation, the Authors’ main research question could be spelled as follows: “How is it possible to design an effective mode of adaptation to uncertainty in such a way as to minimise its disrupting effects and to, positively, take advantage of it, in order to strengthen the efficiency of the organisation ?”.


The “Daedalean Experience” is thus, to a certain extent, a state of anxiety that is creating dysfunctional behaviours both at the level of the individual member and at the level of the organisation as a social community.


So, the aim of the researcher, as a psychopathologist, was to engineer a cure that could potentially act both as a soothing and a propeller to the traveller of the “Labyrinth” while he is in the process of finding his way to the exit.


The research had therefore three objectives in sight: to be cognitive, normative, and operative.


When it comes to assessing the research carried out by the Authors, four elements can be highlighted:


ü It has been a long analysis of the diverse forms taken by uncertainty


ü It has been compliant with the epistemological constraint of faithfulness to reality


ü It has shown concern for rational rigour and ethics


ü It has given enough room to in-depth and systematic considerations on uncertainty as a management challenge




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