Relevant Concepts

In order to carry out an in-depth reflection on the subject of uncertainty and its impact within the organisation, the Authors have resorted to concepts that translate the specificity and the singularity of their cognitive development. Some of those concepts are as follows:


Society of Uncertainty


The Authors themselves do define it as follows: “society that acknowledges the progressive and final dissolution of the patriarchal society and unveils the equally final omnipresence of Uncertainty”.


Irremediable Disruption of the Traditional Identifying Process


The traditional process that usually guides the construction of identities, both personal and collective, within an organisation is bound to be constantly and irreversibly disrupted under the influence of the turbulences triggered by the Society of Uncertainty.


Technical Ideal


The Authors place under this expression the technical developments that have the effect of increasing the feeling of Uncertainty because they are likely to modify the psychopolitical equilibrium within an organisation.


That modification of equilibrium is caused by random, unpredictable and irreversible turbulences that the Authors have chosen to subdivide in many categories for the purpose of developing their reasoning. The categories selected in their reasoning are as follows:


ü Release of nuclear energy


ü Computerisation, including research on artificial intelligence


ü Virtual reality


ü Globalisation and news proliferation


ü Harm to ecosystems and to the biosphere


ü Biomedical research, including risks of genetic manipulation and pandemic


Tetragrammon of the Double Constraints of the Technical Ideal


They are the two dialogical concepts as follows: order and disorder on the one hand, and power and powerlessness, on the other hand.


Triad of the Co-Active Paradoxes


This is the group of co-active paradoxes as follows: approximation and distancing, opening and closing as well as presence and absence.


Corollaries of the Society of Uncertainty


These corollaries are the factors that are impeding the self-organisational effectiveness of the business as a system, due to the defensive reactions they give rise to. It is precisely those self-defence reactions that disturb the effective management of Uncertainty. The corollaries proposed by the Authors are as follows:


ü Obsolescence of any legacy


ü Superfetation of any testament


ü Guilt


ü Affectation of the representation system


ü Disruption of the feeling of identity


Triad of Management for the Organisation of Uncertainty


They are the three components as follows: the management of the Tetragrammon of the Double Constraints of the Technical Ideal, the set which comprises individual assertivity and group assertivity, and the Partnership-Based Relationship of Reciprocal Reliance.


Erratic System of Functional Interdependency


The organisation is defined as a self-contained and consistent system, a social construct evolving in an unpredictable environment. This self-contained system does shelter actors who depend on each other for the achievement of common objectives.


Uncertainty with the capital letter “U”



The capital letter symbolises the operational closing of the cognitive universe proposed by the Authors. It is the intellectual precinct coming from the selection of concepts, variables, and explanatory variables deemed relevant. It is their coordination in a theoretical-practical reasoning that must be apprehended in all its singularity.


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