Operational Structure

Fikula Capital Management is being built from scratch. We have thus, before we start executing our investment strategy, to set up an entire operational structure that will be the backbone of our business.


We plan to set up that operational structure by acquiring the necessary human skills, tangible assets as well as intangible assets that will allow us to deploy capital in pursuance of the master scheme of our Proprietary Model.


The human resources to be acquired will be arranged as presented on the page dedicated to our Organisation.


The setting up of our operational structure will be seamlessly inserted into the execution of our overall business strategy. We aim to build a solid operational structure through solid and clear legal agreements with all the stakeholders.


We are essentially going to execute our business strategy in eight steps. Every single one of these steps will represent a reality check and an opportunity to amend or adjust our theoretical model.


First Step: Invite Partners to Join Fikula Capital Management


They will bring scientific credibility to the theoretical model, field experience, and seed capital to establish the firm in view of convincing Special Investors.


Second Step: Invite Special Investors to Join our First Fund


Those high net worth individuals, corporations, and institutions will provide the investments with which we mean to launch our initial fund. They are those investors that will be willing to share the entrepreneurial risk with us.


Third Step: From Model Portfolio to Virtual Portfolio


Our Virtual Portfolio will be comprised of solid legal agreements closed with Prime Partners and prospective management teams. It will be the legal materialisation of our theoretical model consecutive to the negotiations led by the Partners of our firm. 


Fourth Step: Establish Advisory and Operations Company


This will be the umbrella under which our portfolio companies will reach operational excellence. This structure will be comprised of highly experienced professionals and will share resources in order to allow economies of scale, lower the cost of capital, and help all our portfolio companies operate like a unique corporation, regardless of their industries and specialties.   


Fifth Step: Invite Target Investors


The interests bought by the Strategic Investors are meant to be gradually sold to Target Investors, as defined in our Investment Strategy.


Sixth Step: From Virtual Portfolio to Portfolio of Assets


This step represents the actual Brand Building and Development & Enhancement operations that will lead to the eventual exit, as defined in our base case scenario.


Seventh Step: Exit


Our Portfolio of Assets will be sold to a financial institution seeking decorrelation.


Eighth Step: End or Reinvention of the Firm


As a “Labyrinthine Organisation”, Fikula Capital Management will have to terminate its operations at maturity or reinvent itself.




Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.