Our Founding Principles

Our principles are the rules or beliefs that govern our actions. They help stakeholders understand our decisions and how we deal with situations. These principles are the behaviors we associate with our core values.


Principles Driven by the Founder


In founding Fikula Capital Management, the Founder envisioned an organisation in which his personal values would act as the foundation for its principles. As imbedded in his mindset and conceptual approach, those principles are naturally influenced by his value system, overall purpose, objectives, background, experiences, ambition, education, and spiritual beliefs.


Identifiable Principles


When developing our Founding Principles, the Founder felt that the organisation had to have an idealistic set of values that would make it truly unique and easily identifiable by the stakeholders and the local communities in which it looks to operate.


Practical and Realistic Principles


Above all, the Founder believes that our principles have to be practical and realistic. Since they are part of the boundary conditions of the system that models our organisation, they must lend themselves to the constraints of the real business world. That is why he took great care in meeting the epistemological requirement of faithfulness to reality while designing the conceptual model that underlies the establishment of our firm.


The Frames of an Investment Strategy


Fikula’s inter-related principles are the frames of an integrated investment strategy. That investment strategy allows us to roll out financial and human capital according to our understanding of the world and in pursuance of an evolving and effective plan of adjustment.


Ten Founding Principles

Our evolving “Labyrinthine Path and Daedalean Experience” is thus framed by Fikula’s Ten Founding Principles:


Primacy of Capital Preservation – place our overriding concern on preventing losses and preserving the value of the assets under our management


Powerful Alignment of Interests – ensure that employees, management teams, investors and us are always working toward the same objective


Partnership-Based Approach – rely steadfastly upon the “Partnership-Based Adherence and the “Partnership-Based Relationship of Reciprocal Reliance


Continuous Research and Innovation Effort – make a consistent effort to sustain a research-driven culture and to call on the “Constant Structure of Permanent Adjustment


Long-Term Value Creation – avoid short-term exit strategies and maintain long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit


Experienced and Passionate Professionals – work with people who are passionate about their vocation and have a sector-specific knowledge


Operational Involvement – monitor and actively assist the portfolio companies in their operational development


Independent Thinking – always draw our conclusions from our own investigative work, logic, and understanding


Objective Investment Analysis – make our decisions to commit capital based on proven criteria and a thorough assessment of risk



Highest Standards of Ethics – maintain a high level of morality in our dealings with individuals and the society


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.