As a private equity firm, our very existence depends on our ability to convince institutional investors to entrust funds to us. Those funds will subsequently be invested in our portfolio companies.


In order to convince the institutional investors, we have to be credible and trustful enough to ease their legitimate worries and their scepticism regarding the skills and the probity necessary to preserve their capital and produce a reasonable return on investment.


Fikula Capital Management being a new firm, we mean to reach trustworthiness by establishing credibility, building a track record, and effectively managing the possible conflicts of interest.


 Establishing credibility


We plan to build credibility essentially through our partners and third parties.


Firstly, at the strategic level, we plan to rely on renowned academics to ascertain and certify that our Proprietary Model is epistemologically and methodologically sound, and that it has a strong faithfulness to reality.


Secondly, at the operational level, we mean to invite professionals with a field expertise and a proven track record in our Committee of Partners and Associates and our many portfolio companies’ boards.   


Building a track record


There is no other way of building a track record than to demonstrate over time that we are capable of executing our strategy according to plan and of delivering the results in terms of capital preservation and reasonable return.


Our figures will naturally be audited by a leading international firm. 


Managing conflicts of interest


Given our choice to call on the Partnership-Based Relationship of Reciprocal Reliance, conflicts of interest will most probably arise in the course of the execution of our strategic plan. We aim to deal with those conflicts by following strict internal protocols with the effect of protecting the interests of all the stakeholders. 





Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.