Why Partner with Us?

Fikula Capital Management endeavours to create new brands of products and services by planning, organising and deploying human and capital resources. We believe that our reliance upon the Partnership-Based Adherence makes our private equity firm different.


We seek to take advantage of business opportunities with the assistance and dedication of prime partners: experienced and passionate professionals with entrepreneurial drive. We pride ourselves in understanding the specific mindset resulting in the willingness to assume risk and to deal with uncertainty.


We have designed an investment strategy and a rigorous process that will provide our partners with innovation, efficiency, and productivity in view of helping them transcend their limitations.


When contemplating if Fikula Capital Management is the right private equity firm to partner with, there are four key reasons one must keep in mind:


Entrepreneurial Spirit


Fikula was founded around the concepts of entrepreneurial initiative and innovative solution.


The “Labyrinthine Path and Daedalean Experience” is the adjustment strategy that we have adopted then perfected to help us apprehend new ideas and business processes. With its focus on human psychology and psychosociology of organisations, it gives us the right tool to understand the aspirations of our Prime Partners in the face of risk-taking and Knightian uncertainty.


Genuine Partnership


Fikula has adopted the “Partnership-Based Relationship of Reciprocal Reliance”. This adoption translates into fairness, trust, accountability, transparency, and respectful treatment of all our portfolio companies’ stakeholders.


Since most of those stakeholders are meant to have personalised agreements and become shareholders in the investee companies, this approach creates an atmosphere of co-ownership that runs throughout the whole organisation as stakeholders feel an integral part of the value creation process.


Best Practices Platform


Fikula has built an Investment Philosophy which has among its important elements the concepts of intensive involvement and enhanced corporation. This implies that we aim to invest in a broad platform of specialised operational, financial, and strategic expertise.


We mean to provide best practices through complementary skills, strategic support, and a network of contacts that are meant to help our portfolio companies identify opportunities, make sound business decisions, and achieve sustainable growth.


Self-fulfilment Opportunity


By providing the necessary means and skills, Fikula has the ability to help experienced and passionate professionals realise their full potential and reach new frontiers.


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.