The Six Pillars of a Unique Model

Our investment strategy as a whole lies on the six pillars as follows:


The Psychosociology


By psychosociology, we mean the exploitation of this speciality with the aim of bettering the strategic management of our Consolidated Investment Portfolio. Within the portfolio companies, the goal is to maximise the quality of the interactions between the diverse stakeholders with the aim to preserve capital and achieve a reasonable IRR.


The Big Bet


Our consolidated portfolio is the reflection of a big bet concerning the reaction of mankind in the face of the perturbations ushered in by the Technical Ideal and the Society of Uncertainty.


The Zero-Sum Game


We start from the assumption that the global framework in which we will have to operate will be a zero-sum game. Firstly, in the field of the real economy, we start from the master assumption that we are going to deal with a restrictive monetary policy and with economic turbulences, even with recessions during the lifetime of the firm. Secondly, in the field of the financial sector, we start, a fortiori, from the assumption that we will have to face a situation characterised by a zero-sum game.    


The Niche Decorrelation


We intend to find our equilibrium in niche markets, both at the level of the private equity firm and at the level of the portfolio companies.


The View of Risk


Our aim is to manage the global risk of the operational structures by means of an intensive use of financial instruments. This means using the consolidated portfolio like a financial company specialising in the management and arbitrage of financial risks.


The Syncretic Identity of the Founder


The syncretic identity of the Founder will certainly have an impact on the stability of the management style of the fund. That stability will offer a financial institution seeking decorrelation the opportunity to circumvent the difficulty posed by instability of historical correlations over time. The concerned stability will express itself mainly through the liberty in the execution of the investment strategy, the exercise of discretion, and the discipline in the observance of the tenets of our investment philosophy.    




Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.