The Investment Strategy

Our Proprietary Model is the theoretical-practical universe in which we are going to deploy human and financial capital. This universe is built around the concept of organisation of uncertainty in the field of private equity. It has five features as follows:


A model mixing art and engineering


The universe adopted represents a saddle point. It is an engineering model because it was submitted to the requirements of scientificity with the aim of establishing links between the selected variables. It is also an artistic model because it called on the creativity of its designer to follow the contours of the ground every time demonstrability, given the rules of formal logic, was out of reach.


A model with a recursive vocation


The essential purpose of the universe designed is to preserve the capital entrusted to us by investors. That purpose will lead the manager of the funds to carry out a periodic review of his model in order to make sure that it is still up to date, following the bifurcations imposed by the global environment.  


A model centred on the human being


Behavioural psychology is at the heart of the model developed. It is thus the relations between the variables acting upon human subjectivity and group behaviours that underlie the proposed universe.


A model driven by operations


The relations between the diverse variables have been translated into portfolios of projects, in accordance with the studied and selected opportunities. The data related to the variables come from assumptions and subjective probabilities. Those data are realistic expectations of the reactions of customers and workers in the face of uncertainty.  


A model built for profitability


The consolidated portfolio of projects has been valued with the help of Real Options to compute an IRR. The profitability at maturity lies on postulates and assumptions drawn from Corporate Finance such as the going-concern assumption.




Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.