Our Vision

Fikula Capital Management is a newly-formed independent private equity firm looking to raise its first fund. We are interested in investing in and growing small businesses with headquarters located in Northern and Western Europe.


We aim to raise committed equity capital from a wide array of investors, including corporations, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, government and private sector pension and retirement funds, charitable foundations and university endowments, family offices, and high net worth individuals.


An Innovative Private Equity Firm

Our vision is to be the most innovative private equity firm in Europe in our area of specialisation. We specialise in the establishment and development of small businesses aiming at offering creative solutions that support communities, fulfil entrepreneurial dreams, and enrich the lives of target customers through high-quality brands.



A Proprietary Investment Strategy

Fikula Capital Management has developed an investment strategy aimed at rigorously preserving capital and optimising returns through changing economic and market conditions and, most importantly, amidst turbulence and recession.


Our investment strategy is based upon a proprietary model that introduces innovative responses to the challenges posed by uncertainty, information asymmetries, market conditions, the nature of assets, and illiquidity.

What makes our proprietary model original and unique is its focus on the organisation of uncertainty through the “Labyrinthine Path and Daedalean Experience”.


A Human-Centric Organisation


Fikula Capital Management is a human-centric organisation. Our primary objective is to harmoniously reconcile the aspirations of the human beings who are part of our integrated management platform. As a member of the investment chain, we are fully aware of the implications that our decisions may have on the personal lives of our investors, management teams, employees and customers. We want our investee companies to have a positive influence on the communities in which they operate. We want to help build a better society.


A Deep Involvement in Portfolio Companies  

Our business model involves us having a deep involvement in our portfolio companies. We are looking to create value through organic growth. The overriding consideration of the firm is to establish a platform that will allow synergies between businesses. We look to provide financial, strategic and operational support to our investee companies.  


A Labyrinthine Organisation


Fikula Capital Management is a Labyrinthine Organisation. This means that the firm is built around a project rather than structures, and that the relationships between all the stakeholders are partnership-based.    




Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.