Our investments are the assets in which we are going to deploy the equity capital raised from our investors. Those investments, mostly in portfolio companies, are to be made in accordance with our Proprietary Model and the attached investment strategy.


The choice of investments is the direct result of an optimisation process executed while preparing the strategy that, based on realistic assumptions and a few subjective probabilities, is likely to make our endeavour a success. Three factors have had a significant weight in our final decision:


ü Business Strategy – relates to the likeliness of raising funds, preserving capital, and achieving a successful exit


ü Corporate Strategy – concerns what we want to be as a firm and the likeliness of reaching economies of scale and creating substantial synergies between our portfolio companies


ü Valuation Challenge – takes into account the probability of making a good prediction of the final valuation of our portfolio given the going concern assumption and the expected interactions between the Six Pillars of our “Labyrinthine Path”, on the one hand, and the forecasts relating to our portfolio companies, on the other hand


Core Investment Portfolio


This portfolio consolidates the assets that will be sold at maturity when the final exit takes place. It is meant to be comprised of portfolio companies that sell mature goods or services whose demands can be forecasted with high reliability. Our focus will hence be on value creation through competitive advantage and brand building. This core portfolio will be made of the five sub-portfolios as follows:

Portfolio 1: Consumer Goods

Portfolio 2: Specialty Retail

Portfolio 3: Specialty Wholesale


Portfolio 4: Business Services

Portfolio 5: Consumer Services



Consolidated Investment Portfolio


This portfolio consolidates the values of all the assets under our ownership at a given moment in time, before the final exit. It is made of the Core Investment Portfolio to which are added the two following portfolios:

Portfolio 6: Strategic Ventures


Portfolio 7: Technology




Consumer brands; Specialty Retail; and Specialty Wholesale.


Consumer Services and Business Services.


Our Technology Portfolio is our most speculative.


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.