A Holistic Approach

The chosen strategy is the result of a nonlinear optimisation process. It is a system that reflects the probability of raising funds, preserving the capital entrusted to us, and achieving a reasonable return at maturity.


Venture Capital and Private Equity


The chosen strategy embodies our view of the passage of time. Most particularly, the one that passes in the financial sector. It specialises in the management and organisation of uncertainty in private equity, without failing to address the challenges posed by information asymmetries, market conditions, the nature of assets, and illiquidity. It focuses on the heart of our trade as a venture capitalist which is to screen, finance, and oversee portfolio companies.


General Equilibrium


The chosen strategy is also driven by a general equilibrium sought in the operational field. This is the equilibrium of a consolidated portfolio of companies run unitarily like an enhanced corporation. The consolidated portfolio of companies houses a consolidated portfolio of projects meant to take advantage of opportunities in the commercial market.


Project Valuation



The chosen strategy is finally the reflection of a valuation challenge. Given the uncertainty of the expected cash flows, we have chosen to value our consolidated portfolio of projects through Real Options. 


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.