Fikula Capital Management is a new organisation on the market and it is on the road to raising its first fund. This fundraising process is a special challenge because our firm has to transcend the following difficulties:


ü The Founder has no successful track record as a Fund Manager


ü We have yet to build a team that will have to prove its skills


ü Established financial institutions rarely invest in first-time funds as a matter of principle


Our Partnership-Based Adherence principle has proven exceptionally helpful when it came to designing a fundraising strategy and to estimating the size of our first fund.


Sources of Capital: Special Investors


After weighing the pros and cons of the different methods, we have settled on a combination of the following paths:


ü A Strategic Investor – will be seeking a strategic benefit from our organisation


ü An alliance with an established financial institution – will most probably be part of the decision-making process


ü A Special Companion-fund – will most presumably contribute a sizable percentage of our first fund


Size of the First Fund


Based on the master scheme of our investment strategy, we have been able to estimate the size of our first fund by computing the approximate working capital requirement of our start-up consolidated portfolio.





Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.