Our employees will be the people who are going to actually execute the tasks relating to our strategy and offer the labour that will ultimately be converted into economic value. They are the natural persons who are going to make our vision a reality by helping us achieve our objectives.


As a human-centric firm, Fikula Capital Management gives the utmost importance to its people and their aspirations. Therefore, their welfare and fulfilment is at the heart of the Partnership-Based Adherence. For us, this partnership approach is no less than a principle structuring the very identity of our firm.



Our employees are the ambassadors upon which is going to lie the development and eventually the sale of the brand created by the portfolio company. They are the ones who are going to convey the brand message to the customers through their behaviour on a daily basis. They need therefore to have high brand awareness and be passionate about the product or service. They are those who are going to give a substance to our customer perspective.


Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.