Consumer Brands

This portfolio is meant to gather the portfolio companies that own our consumer brands. Those brands will be affixed to consumer staples and consumer discretionary goods. The products selected to be part of this portfolio serve our major purposes both from a business and an investment perspective.  


From a Business Perspective


We mean to offer high-quality products whose main characteristics will be as follows:


ü New brands


ü Manufactured in Europe, mostly in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom


ü Sold internationally both in developed and in emerging countries


ü Convey the image of European quality and lifestyle


ü Established generic products with an international notoriety and reputation


ü Split among several brands to target different market segments


ü Target niche markets


ü Distributed through established networks by way of strategic partnerships and alliances


From an Investment Perspective 


With our target IRR in mind, we have made the following choices regarding our consumer brands:


ü Seek profitability rather than volume


ü Manufactured through private label agreements to lower fixed costs and capital expenditures


ü Retain ownership of the brands


ü Be a majority stakeholder in the portfolio companies


ü Diversify thanks to the number of brands





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