Conceptual Approach

It is with a mischievous smile at the corner of his lips that David Rubenstein, Co-founder of the Carlyle Group, likes to repeat that Private Equity is the highest calling of mankind. That jest has nonetheless the wealth and the density of a profession of faith, as far as the Founder of Fikula Capital Management is concerned.




Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology. Through its management style, Fikula Capital Management does concentrate on the principles that govern human choices in order to deploy the capital that is entrusted to it. Our Founder believes that the financial euphoria, so well depicted by John Kenneth Galbraith, is a mere indicator of the behavioural psychology and the selective amnesia that characterises mankind.




In addition to immanence, authenticity, foresight, and historical truth form an integral part of our conceptual approach. We have thus chosen two artworks to embody the concepts that are the backbone of our identity as a member of the financial chain: the Head of Janus and the painting by Francesco de Goya named “Truth, Time, and History”.


The Daedalus of the Uncertain


The major conceptual choice of our system of human and financial resources deployment is that of management and organisation of uncertainty. The desire to tame uncertainty, along with our commitment to preserve the capital entrusted to us, leads us inexorably on a Labyrinthine Path; a path consubstantially anxiety-provoking. It is that anxiety-provoking experience that Professor Defrenne called Daedalean. In front of that path and that experience, wisdom orders to carry out a sound operational closure, one that would allow a rational management of financial risk, with the help of a counterparty capable of insuring efficiently our consolidated portfolio of investments outside of that closure.


Liberty and Creativity


From the Founder’s standpoint, the job of the fund manager is a challenge mixing art and engineering. This means that it is an optimisation endeavour that should follow the contours of the ground whenever science shows its limits, or whenever the means required are unattainable. It is also an endeavour which consists of broadening the array of possible solutions through innovation, while always submitting to the requirements of scientificity. It is that dedication to scientific culture which led us to adopt Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, and Kurt Gödel as thought leaders, because of their experience of hope, faith, and philosophical audacity. Those thinkers have shown a great commitment to their convictions. We have also adopted the leopard as an animal totem because of its adaptability and its resolve in action. 


Philosophy of Action


Our conceptual approach is the reflection of a philosophy that could be depicted by a logistic function. It is a strong-willed philosophy that translates our commitment to exit the initial phase of the curve and to enter its exponential phase. That is also a hopeful philosophy that represents the hope of finally reaching the plateau of the curve, a plateau synonymous with capital preservation and reasonable return. The achievement of such a logistic function at maturity would be the embodiment of the vision, the principles, the investment philosophy, and the conceptual approach of our Founder. It would be the expression of his highest calling. 




Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.