Committee of Partners and Associates

All the co-owners of the firm will form what will be called the Committee of Partners and Associates.


As co-owners of the firm, the members of this committee will have accepted to adhere to our principle of Powerful Alignment of Interests, as well as to our proprietary “Labyrinthine Path”. They will also have accepted to share the entrepreneurial risk associated with the establishment of any company.


Complementarity is the key-word that will guide the formation of this committee. Any given member will bring one or more of the following assets to the firm:


ü Seed capital


ü Credibility


ü Extensive field experience


ü Acceleration of the establishment of the firm


ü Sweat equity


The members of the committee will be responsible for the successful outcome of the following endeavours:


ü Adjustment and validation of our proprietary “Labyrinthine Path” on a theoretical level


ü Adjustment and validation of our proprietary “Labyrinthine Path” on a practical level given the constraints of the real business world


ü Selection of the prospective stakeholders of the system from top to bottom


ü Canvassing of the prospective stakeholders


The Founder will be the sole individual to decide as to whether or not a candidate is fit enough to enter the Committee given the criteria dictated by the general equilibrium of the firm.


The Founder will naturally be the Chairman of the Committee of Partners and Associates.


The exhaustive list of the sub-committees will be as follows:


ü Seed Capitalists


ü Scientists and Academics


ü Experienced Business People and Entrepreneurs


ü Professionals with an Extensive Experience in Finance


ü Administrative Support Executives


ü Facilitators




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