Business Services

We mean to deploy human and financial capital to build a Business Services Portfolio with the main goal of preserving capital.


From a Business Perspective


The main features of our Business Services Portfolio will be as follows:


ü New brands


ü Several brands per activity to target different market segments


ü Target niche markets


ü European-based


ü Western Europe footprint


ü Build a lasting relationship with the customer


ü Focus on differentiation, no cost leadership


ü Target small to medium-sized customer base


From an Investment Perspective 


Given our financial objectives, we are going to develop our Business Services Portfolio in pursuance of the following guidelines:


ü Seek profitability rather than volume


ü Retain ownership of the brands


ü Mostly majority stakeholder


ü Diversify thanks to the number of brands


ü Focus on mature economies with secure legal systems and high disposable income


ü Seek synergies and economies of scale 


ü Some accretive operations to accelerate establishment


ü Strategic partnerships and alliances




Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.