Advisory and Operations Company

Our Advisory and Operations Company is our operations affiliate that is meant to provide practical assistance, on the one hand, to the Investment Committee in the decisions to invest or divest in a particular company and, on the other hand, to the management teams of the portfolio companies in view of preserving capital and achieving a reasonable return. 


This company is meant to be comprised of highly experienced and versatile executives who will bring best practices to the firm and help develop a network of trusted and dependable external partners.


Their global perspective of the issues and challenges common to many of our companies will naturally lead the members of our operations affiliate to sit on the boards of our investee companies.


Operational excellence


As far as we are concerned, operational excellence is a matter of knowledge sharing, coordination, and collaboration between portfolio companies. The aim is to run the companies included in our Consolidated Investment Portfolio like a single corporation notwithstanding their diverse activities.


Leveraging scale


For instance, we intend to put in place a special procurement program that will help our portfolio companies make savings thanks to the negotiating leverage made possible by our prospective purchases at Consolidated Investment Portfolio level.



In pursuance of our Proprietary Model, the list of departments of our Advisory and Operations Company is meant to include:




ü Co-ordination of
Research and Innovation


ü Project


ü New Business
Planning and Establishment



ü Strategy


ü Sales and


ü Digital Commerce


ü Human Capital


ü Finance




ü Manufacturer


ü Supply Chain


ü Procurement


ü Legal and


ü Information




ü Health and Safety


ü Communication





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