A Brainchild

The “Labyrinthine Path and Daedalean Experience” (Parcours labyrinthien et vécu dédaléen) is the brainchild of Professor Jacques Defrenne. He introduced the concept in his book called “The Split Labyrinths or the Daedalus of the Uncertain” (Les Labyrinthes éclatés ou les dédales de l’Incertain, 2000).


During the preparation of the book, Professor Defrenne had the privilege to be guided and proofread with a critical eye by Professor Ilya Prigogine, Laureate of the Rumford Medal 1976 and Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1977.

The Founder had, in turn, the blessing and opportunity to be a student of Professor Defrenne who happened to be his professor of Psychosociology of Organisations at ICHEC Brussels Management School.


As a book, “The Split Labyrinths” directly walks in the footsteps of the previous writings published on the subject of uncertainty by Professor Jacques Defrenne and his co-writer, Professor Chantal Delvaux.


Here is the Founders outline of the theoretical body introduced by Professor Defrenne and its most useful concepts for entrepreneurship and private equity: 



Our private equity firm is built around human identity and behavioural psychology.